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Desarrollo de la identidad de adultos jóvenes: una guía para padres

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El artículo que reproducimos aporta claves muy interesantes para el complejo acompañamiento a los hijos que dejan de ser niños para convertirse en jóvenes adultos, que reclaman respeto a sus decisiones y no se resignan a ser monitoreados desde instancias “superiores”.


The role you play in their identity development is one of support, by taking an interest in their budding independence and autonomy. They are trying to figure out their career, new and changing relationships, and where they fit in the world. Education consultant Jennifer Miller says this age is full of tests that young adults often use to understand if they are “worthy.” These tests can be a job interview, fraternity acceptance, dating, or building new friendships. All of those tests can be really overwhelming, but they are important for young adults to experiment with their own boundaries and rules. They have been used to rules at school and at home, but as their new adult life emerges, they get to redefine their own rules.

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