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Hamerly, Michael T., Bibliografía histórica del Ecuador

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The last bibliographic guide to Ecuadorian historiography was published in 1978. Since then a veritable explosion of library materials on the history of Ecuador has occurred. Literally thousands of new books, articles, and doctoral dissertations in the Humanities and Social Sciences, relating to the past of Ecuador in one way or another, have appeared and continue to appear. Yet coverage of these materials in specialized as well as instandard abstracts, bibliographies, and indexes has been less than satisfactory. In this regard it cannot be overemphasized that Ecuador is one of those countries for and in which bibliographic control had yet to be achieved as of the late 1990s, and, I suspect, still remains to be achieved.

Concurrent with the explosion of publications has been the internationalization of Ecuadorian studies. Although there had always been some interest in Ecuador elsewhere in the world, there did not used to be more than a few Ecuadorianists. The relative neglect of Ecuadorian studies outside of Ecuador, however, began to be rectified in the 1970s. By the1990s, there were dozens of professionally trained scholars, in the Humanities and Social Sciences, in the United States and Canada, in France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain,elsewhere in Europe, and in other Latin American countries, actively engaged in research and publishing on a wide variety of topics having to do with Ecuador.

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